Jewish Indian books

So, I started a list on Goodreads called The Canon of Jewish/Indian Books (title is pretty self-explanatory, I think.) Would love if y’all could add to it. I came up with 5, which hardly qualifies as a canon. I bet there are a lot more.

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Diwali Tov!

“Almost before I knew it, it was November, and Diwali was here. Meena Auntie’s annual Diwali potluck would be on Saturday, so on Friday Daddy did a trial run of his contribution–potato latkes with tamarind chutney and yogurt sauce. Mum and I pronounced it a huge success, much better than the chana-jor-garam-crusted chicken wings he attempted last Diwali, which in theory should have been delicious but actually were just soggy and awkward to eat.”

My Basmati Bat Mitzvah, chapter 27

Diwali Tov, everyone!

Good advice from a young reader

I mentioned to a young reader at THE INSIDE STORY event at Bank Street Books today, that actually My Basmati Bat Mitvzah is the second book I wrote, but the only one to be published. “Maybe you can take the good parts of the other one and put them inside a real book,” she suggested. I think I will try that.