Intentions for 2016

Happy New Year! What could be easier than a blog list to fulfill Intention #1?

  1. Every day, I will write something longer than a tweet.
  2. I will no longer read reviews of my work.
  3. I will lose just five more pounds, and keep it off, and then that’s it.
  4. I will learn to trust my own good judgment while ignoring my more destructive instincts.
  5. I will tell the people I love that I love them. I will also advise these same loved ones when they inconvenience, annoy, irritate or otherwise sadden me, because really.
  6. I will continue to take naps, drink coffee, eat carbs, and drink liquor in moderation.
  7. I will, finally, exercise. Maybe even by February.
  8. I will do a better job of expressing both appreciation and admiration, out loud.
  9. I will declutter. I will not reclutter.
  10. I’ll do a better job of connecting with the people who matter to me.
  11. I will get into the habit of brushing my teeth before noon, assuming I am awake.
  12. Je vais apprendre à parler le français comme un genevoise . Je ne vais pas seulement poser des questions , mais je vais comprendre les réponses , aussi.

What are your intentions or resolutions for the new year? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Love and kisses / amour et bisous ,